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Plant List

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Max Weight: 8,000kg

Max Length: 7000mm

Turn/Mill - Mazak Integrex E650H

Mazak E650.png

Turn/Mill - Mazak Integrex E420H

Mazak E420.png

Turn/Mill - Mazak Integrex 400Y

Mazak Integrex 400Y.png

Turn/Mill - Tongtai Vertical Turning
Lathe TVL16

Tongtai Vertical Turning Lathe.png

Turn - Sunfirm Long bed CNC Lathe

Sunfirm Long Bed CNC Lathe.png

Turn/Mill - Puma 600/700

Puma 600700.png

Turn - Puma 400/480

Puma 400800.png

Turn/Mill - Samsung PL60

Samsung PL60.png

Turn/Mill - Samsung PL45

Samsung PL45.png

Turn - Mazak Quickturn

Mazak Quickturn.png

Borer - Hartford Horizontal PBM-115A

Hartford Horizontal PBM 115A.png

Mill - Mazak FH8800

Mazak FH8800.png

Mill - KIA Horizontal HS630

Kia Horizontal HS630.png

Mill - Toshiba Horizontal BMC-800

Toshiba Horizontal BMC-800.png

Mill - Doosan Horizontal ACE HM500

Doosan HM500.png

Mill - Hartford Sumo VMC-3100

Hartford Sumo VMC 3100.png

Mill - Hartford HCMC-2082

Hartford HCMC 2082.png

Mill - Dugard 1886HD

Dugard 1886HD.png

Mill - Mazak Variaxis 730-5X

Mazak VariAxis 730-5X.png

Gun Drill - TBT BWW300

TBT BWW300.png

EDM - Charmilles Robofil 440

Charmilles Robofil 440.png

Inspection CMM - Aberlink


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